TOEFL Test: How To Register And Write In Ghana

TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. More than 11,000 institutions around the globe take part in the TOEFL test. It was established in 1965 by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private nonprofit organization that conducts educational research emphasizing testing.

ETS initially developed the test through a collaboration of more than 30 public and private institutions to assess the English proficiency of incoming students for whom English was a second language.

According to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), more than 35 million people have taken the TOEFL. It started as a paper-based test, and in 1998, it became computer-based. The ETS introduced the internet-based test in 2005, which is known as the TOEFL iBT.

The TOEFL iBT measures your ability to use and understand English at the University level. Additionally, it evaluates how well you combine your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks. The TOEFL has four parts: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

TOEFL Registration Fee In Ghana

Late registrationUS$40
Reinstatement of canceled scoresUS$20
Additional score reports (per institution or agency)US$20 each
Speaking or Writing Section score reviewUS$80
Speaking and Writing Section score reviewUS$160

NB: Prices or fees may not be fixed, so always check the ETS portal for any further update.

How To Register For TOEFL In Ghana 

Like the SAT and GRE test registration, you can register for the TOEFL exam in Ghana online at the ETS online portal. You have to create an ETS account before you can register for the TOEFL in Ghana.

I talked about creating the ETS account in the GRE registration, so you can go back to that article and learn how to create the account before proceeding to the TOEFL iBT.

  1. Log in to your ETS Account.
  2. On your My TOEFL home page, select Register/Find Test Centers.
  3. On the Find Test Centers and Dates page, select the option for the Home Edition. Note: The at-home option is dependent upon the country of your account address. If you are eligible to take the test at home, based on the country, you will see the Home Edition option as you begin your registration.
  4. Verify your email address, then continue.
  5. Confirm your time zone, or select a new one.
  6. Choose the 2 months you would like to take the test, then select an available test date from the calendar.
  7. Select an available time for your test and click “Register for this test.”
  8. Follow the directions to continue your registration and pay for your test.
  9. When you finish, you’ll receive a confirmation email from ETS with your test appointment information and the link to launch your test. Be sure to keep this email safe until test day.

TOEFL Test Centers In Ghana

TOEFL Test Centers In Accra

➤Accra, Ghana
Linear Assessment Services
1st Floor Total House Liberia Road

➤Ghana International School
The Security Gate Secondary School
Second Circular Road Cantonments
Accra – Ghana

➤ Ghana Technology University College
Accra – Ghana


Ring Road Central Box AN 7617

Adabraka – Ghana

➤ West African Examinations Council, Ghana
Examinations Loop, Ridge, Accra
(Behind Ridge Hospital)
Accra – Ghana

FOEFL Test Centers In Kumasi

➤ Advanced Professional College (A.P.C.)
7 Prof Gyasi Agyei Road
(off Nana Kese Avenue Ayeduase / KNUST gate)
Kumasi – Ghana

➤ Advanced Professional College (A.P.C.)
7 Prof Gyasi Agyei Road
(off Nana Kese Avenue Ayeduase / KNUST gate)
Kumasi – Ghana

TOEFL Exam Dates In Ghana 2021

There is no fixed date for the TOEFL test in Ghana. Upon registration, you choose any TOEFL date according to your convenience and availability. However, you can also visit the TOEFL portal here to check the available dates in Ghana.

How To Prepare For TOEFL Exams

  1. Get to Know the Format of the TOEFL Test
  2. Know Why You Are Taking the TOEFL Test
  3. Get a Study Guide
  4. Get Support from a Teacher or Peer
  5. Practice Reading Non-technical English
  6. Practice Listening to English with Your Learning Goal in Mind
  7. Practice Timed Writing Before the Test
  8. Practice Speaking English Alone and with Others
  9. Use Active and Passive Learning Strategies
  10. Try taking Practice Tests

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