26 thoughts on “GNACOPS to roll 4-year degree in international education program for private school teachers

    1. Teachers after the 4-year program will be licensed by the National Teaching Council (NTC) and be permitted to teach in both public or private institutions, GNACOPS will soon add more concerning posting

  1. Pls am offerring a 4year degree in earlychildhood how many years will ii stay for the international education program

    Wats the difference between my program and this program

  2. Am glad the board is coming up with such program for us in the private sector who have been doing our best. Please always keep us updated. Thanks

  3. I hold degree in finance, what will be my exemptions. Am I suppose to complete the four years or I will be exempted some years.

  4. This is a great initiative too I must commend. It will help teachers in private schools be equipped and abreast themselves with teaching skills in order to train the kids to acquire what’s needed in education.

  5. Please, I have taught in the private school for 5 years… I hold Diploma in Business Studies in accounting(DBS)
    So please, will I be admitted at level 1, 2, 3 or 4 ?

  6. Please, what is going to be the entry requirements for the program ( 4 years degree in international education).

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