160 thoughts on “WAEC releases NEW 2020 Nov/Dec timetable – Download here

  1. Please, when will Nov Dec timetable be out? can I be notify if the timetable is out?
    Should I relie here to get to know if it is out or I should be checking all around? Because some websites said it is out.

    1. Hello Wisdom, according to WAEC it will release Nov/Dec timetable after September 15, the deadline for Nov/Dec registration

  2. please i saw a novdec timetable today which says the novdec with start from 26th october 2020 to 17th december 2020 is it true

    1. Hello Beatrice, the West African Examinations Council has not released the official timetable, we will update you with the correct one soon

    1. Hello Magdalene, the Council will first announce it publicly and then maybe to candidates via SMS, we are not sure of that though

    1. Hello Bernice, please disregard any purported timetable elsewhere, we will provide the provisional timetable on our website

          1. Hello Nov/Dec timetable is out already please search 2020 Nov/Dec timetable on our website

  3. Pls according to what I checked the exam will start from 26thOctober to 17th December or pls mine is different

  4. Pls according to what I checked the exam will start from 26th October to 17thDecember . pls is it the correct one? And I have not receive my centre but I have got the index number.

  5. Pls did they give index numbers to all ?bcs I have been herd,many people said the exam will begin on 26th October n end 17 December .but I’m also part but I have not yet see my index number

  6. Please I have not received my index number and my center , buh I registered with my phone number . But I have not seeing anything. Please help me. Thanks

  7. Please today I tried to check my index number on my phone but they said my invoice number is invalid, please may I know what is wrong?

  8. Please I tried to check my index number on my phone today but it says invalid invoice number. Please may I know the what’s wrong?

    1. Please visit the nearest WAEC office for immediate support if you having challenges accessing the centres

  9. How does one check for index numbers?
    And how does one know on which day to write the practical subjects? No information has been sent.

  10. Good morning, please I have tried checking my centres and this was the feedback invalid, DOB,index number /invoice. Please if I may ask what will be the cause.

  11. Please is Novdec 2020 coming on.? As at now centres are not out. And more over, English Orals is 14/11/2020. Im worried

  12. Yes you can now access the site for the new general timetable on the WAEC page but centers with personal timetable is still not out

  13. Please sir, is the timetable for the nov\dec Nigeria candidates out….because the ones posted here is for Ghana candidates…

    Please anybody with the Nigeria timetable links should please post it to me.

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