5 Ways To Pass Nursing School Interviews In Ghana

Before you walk into that interview room; here are some basic tips you should know. 

1. Keeping your Identity together – Your name on your birth certificate should correspond with your name on your school’s certificate results. If those two certificates have different names, it is advisable to gazette your name to make sure both names are the same before you are called for an interview to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

2. Your Appearance – Ever heard, ‘dress for the occasion.’ When you get that appointment for the interview, please dress formally. If you are a lady, you get a long sleeves or short sleeves with a nice skirt and the same goes for the men. It is a must you wear either a black shoe or a brown shoe. If you are a lady, you must wear your hair short and guys should shave their beards. Your appearance is very keen in the nursing school interview process. 

3. Be Informed – Knowledge they say is power. You should be abreast with current affairs in the country. Interviewers are likely to ask you some questions on trending topics in the health industry and your take on them. You should know the name of your ministers and you have to get the name of the president right! 

4. Be Confident – When you enter the interview room, walk like you own the room. Stand and greet. Do not sit when you are not offered a seat. Sometimes, the interviewers pretend you are not even in the room but don’t let that take you off your game. Continue standing till you are offered a seat to sit and impress them with your awesomeness. 

5. Be Prepared – Preparation is keen in every aspect of our lives. When you going for the interview, go with a pen or pencil. There can a pop-up essay for you to write. The essay can be about anything. 

We hope these tips get you ready for the nursing interview coming up. Relax and look straight into their eyes when answering questions. Goodluck..

Source: Georgeweb.org

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