Kun kra Meaning: Tsa Mandebele song by Oskido Candy

Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa, also known in the entertainment industry as Oskido Candy, has taken over numerous social media platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp, and Tikrok with his song titled “Tsa Ma Ndebele Kids” Meaning Say Kun kra. We will discuss who Oskido Candy is, his net worth, and the meaning of the Kun kra Song in this editorial.

Who is Oskido Candy Kun kra singer

Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa is a South African musician, record producer, and businessman best known for popularizing the Kwaito genre of music outside of South Africa’s townships.

Oskido Candy’s Net worth

The South African musician’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Meaning of Kun kra


According to online reports, the term Kun kra is associated with mixing Codeine with strong alcohol as a way to increase physical activity.

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