Who is Eric David Bledel, Age and Other facts

Eric David Bledel is a younger brother of Alexis Bledel. His father is Martin Bledel , A former employee of the American multinational beverage corporation, Coca-Cola Corporation.

Eric David Bledel Age

Martin Bledel was born in the 1980s.

Eric David Bledel Sister

Eric David Bledel Sister is Alexis Bledel. Alexis Bledel is a model and actress from the United States. She is well recognized for her roles as Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls (2000–2007) and Emily Malek in The Handmaid’s Tale. She began taking acting classes when she was eight years old in order to overcome her shyness. Interestingly, At the age of 14, she began modeling and traveled to Milan and Tokyo for shows.

Eric David Bledel Mother

Eric David Bledel Mother is Nanette Bledel

Eric David Bledel Father

Eric David Bledel Mother is Martin Bledel, A former employee of Coca-Cola Corp

Name Eric David Bledel
Mother Nanette Bledel
FatherMartin Bledel

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