Phyllis Fierro: All about Ralph Macchio’s older wife

Phyllis Fierro is the wife of Ralph Macchio, a well-known actor who is most known for his part in the film The Karate Kid.

Phyllis Fierro has been happily married to Ralph Macchio, her high school sweetheart, since 1987. They have two well-adjusted and successful kids.

Phyllis Fierro Age

Phyllis Fierro is 61 years. She was born on July 23, 1960. One interestiong thing about their happy marriage is that Phyllis is older than her husband Ralph, 59 years. He was born on November 4, 1961. Not much of a fuss as she is only 1 year older.

Facts about Phyllis Fierro

Phyllis Fierro met Ralph Macchio in high school when she was only 15 years old. They met for the first time in his grandmother’s basement, where they were celebrating his cousin’s sixteenth birthday.

Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro at the Premiere of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Restored Version, Century Plaza Cinema, Century City.
Photo: Ron Galella
Source: Getty Images

The couple has been married for nearly 34 years. They renewed their vows on their 25th anniversary. Phyllis Fierro and Ralph Macchio got married in 1987, and since then, they are spending a pleasant and stable happy life.

Although Phyllis Fierro has her own personal side of life aside from her marriage, she is famed for being the legal wife of Cobra Kai actor, Ralph Macchio.

Phyllis Fierro is an American nurse practitioner by profession. She has two children with Ralph born in 1992 and 1996. They are named Julia and Denial respectively.

Ralph Macchio celebrated his wife Phyllis who worked on the frontlines during the pandemic. He called her “a Hero” for Working in Healthcare During COVID-19 Pandemic.

She can easily be described as a good mother and good wife as publicly proclaimed by her husband.

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