Top 10 Highest Paid TikTok Stars In South Africa 2021

After its launching in 2018, TitTok has unquestionably taken over all social media platforms on the internet. Day after day, users could be seen arriving to the platform to publish or create something.

South Africa is one of the top African countries with the most content creators on the app. In addition to the popularity, content providers get paid for sharing their content on the app. Other social media networks, on the other hand, pay users for sharing material. All you have to do now is meet the standards.

Over the past few months, the majority of South African nationals have joined the platform. They’ve already gained recognition for themselves on the internet.

TikTok users can make money through brand collaborations, live streaming, and other methods.

Do you know who the top ten highest-paid TikTok stars in South Africa are?

Top 10 Highest Paid TikTok Stars In South Africa

I’d like to provide my viewers with a list of the top ten highest-paid TitTok stars in South Africa in this article.

  1. Connor Weyer – 700K Followers

Connor Weyer, a youngster from Port Elizabeth, was born on January 16, 2002, and ranked 10th on our list. From the beginning of his musical career, his fan base rapidly exploded. The young star is known for his creation of slow-motion videos, sing-along videos, and other unique challenges.

  1. Kelly Kikx – 778k followers

Kelly Kikx made it to the top ten highest-paid TitTok stars in South Africa. She is an actress, model, and dancer in addition to being one of the paid TitTok stars. Her followers continue to grow on a regular basis as a result of the high-quality content she produces. On the app, Kelly Kikx videos have had over 19.7 million views. The majority of TitTok stars are between the ages of 17 and 26, and she is no exception.

  1. Damian – 792K followers

On social media, he goes by the handle @damiansno. Damian is South Africa’s seventh highest paid TitTok celebrity. He has a distinct writing style that he employs when creating his content. His is primarily based on daily events. He has roughly 22 million hearts on his videos on the app so far.

  1. KingBerto – 1.1 million followers

KingBerto is a 26-year-old TitTok star who makes a lot of money on the platform. He’s well-known for his lip-sync videos. He refers to his adoring admirers as “The Royals.” On TitTok, he has received around 17 million hearts for his videos.

  1. Troy Shepherds- 1.4 million Followers

He is one of the many TitTok celebrities with large and outstanding social media followers. He primarily creates comedy-related content that he employs to engage his followers. Since joining the platform, his fan base has skyrocketed. Troy’s videos have received about 54.6 million likes.

  1. Witney Ramabulana – 1.5 million followers

Witney is one of the many well-known and funny South African celebrities on TiKTok. She does not depend solely on TitTok for income because she is also a certified financial administrator. He works for an IT firm whose name is still yet to be revealed. She’s been observed making comic challenges to keep her fans entertained. Her TitTok videos have a total of 24.4 million likes.

  1. Jessica Ballinger – 1.5 million followers

It wouldn’t surprise us if she quickly joined the ranks of the world’s top TitTok stars. Jessica uses the social media platform to make dancing and comedy videos. She is a model who works with many productions in addition to being a TitTok star. Her videos have received a total of 40.7 likes. Her account is @theonlymissballinger, and you can follow her.

  1. Chane Grobler – 2.3 million followers

Chané Grobler nominated for thr Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2020 Picture: Instagram

Chane is another star worth following on TitTok because she provides fans with exclusive content. Sing-alongs and video challenges are her main activities. Chane Grobler mostly create content that elicits a positive response from his audience. She currently has over 3000 TitTok videos with 85 million likes.

  1. Daniel Vermaak – 3.1 million followers

He’s one of the many young teenagers that profit handsomely from TitTok. Daniel started his account in June 2018 and his followers has continued to grow ever since. Vermaak is well-known for his fashion and music videos that show well-known musicians. He has gained over 72 million hearts and accumulated more money as a result of his creative video making.

  1. Wian Magician – 11 million followers

Wian Mahican, also known as Van Den Berg, is a South African magician. Many TitTok viewers enjoy his tricks, which helps him acquire a large number of followers on the app. He is currently the highest-paid TitTok star in South Africa, as well as the app’s most engaged user. His videos this year have received over 208 million likes. We want to congratulate him on his hard work in achieving the top rank. You may follow Wian Magic on TikTok at @wianmagic.


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