#NSMQ21; PREMPEH lash KASS boys till they forget how to recite their daily ‘Apostle’s Creed’

The 8th contest of the Quarter finals stage of the competition fetaured Prempeh College, Anglican SHS, Kumasi and Sogakope SHS as each school looked to slot a win to earn them a place in the last Semi final contest of the competition. Prempeh College from the start as they did previously in their one – eighth contest again made a statement of ‘NO HOPE FROM THE START’. They defiled the 2 schools left and right from the beginning of the competition to the end.

Prempeh College amassed 28pts in the round which drew a 12 points gap to the second placed school, Sogakope. Anglican SHS, Kumasi had an extremely bad day today as they seemed completely lost in this competition, totalling just 5 points in the first round. In round 2, Prempeh went ahead to extend the gap to a double of the first round, 24 points, and at this point there was no hope for comeback anywhere. Kumasi Anglican were still struggling as they were still in the single number zone after round 2, an indeed completely horrible day for them.

In Round 3, it was a pretty challenging question for all the contestants as all schools couldnt really make a hang of the question at hand. Anglican SHS, Kumasi and Sogakope wined up with 2 points each as Prempeh got 3 points out of 10. Prempeh went further in the round 4 as they had a perfect round with 8/8 of the questions, making this a perfect score of a round 4 two times in a row, as they did same in their One-Eighth stage. This score extended the gap to 31 fiery points.

Prempeh ended the contest picking 2 riddles in the last round with Anglican SHS, Kumasi picking one up.

Congratulations to Prempeh College on an impressive display as they pick up the second slot for the last contest of the Semi final stage. Better luck to Anglican SHS and Sogakope SHS next time.

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