How To Fill KNUST Application Forms online for Awaiting, Undergraduate Admission

If you want a hassle-free method of How to Fill Your KNUST Application Forms for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Awaiting Admission, then this is the post for you to read. In this post, we will look at a step-by-step procedure of how to apply to Ghana’s best-ranked university.

Requirements to Apply Online to KNUST for admissions.

The documents listed below are required for a prospective applicant to begin filling out KNUST Application Forms for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or Awaiting Admission.

  • A Passport with A Green Background
  • Your PIN And Serial Number Or ID
  • A National ID or Student ID (Passport, Ghana Card, Voter ID, Student Identification Card)
  • Birth Certificate (Mandoratory)

Can I fill knust forms without birth certificate

No, you cannot fill out the KNUST Application forms unless you have a birth certificate. The Birth Certificate is required for all undergraduate prospective students. Applicants are always encouraged to upload their birth certificates as supporting documentation for their applications.

Can I fill knust forms without Identification(ID) Card 

No, you cannot fill the KNUST Applications forms without an Identification Card. The Upload of an Identification Card is mandatory for undergraduate and Prospective prospective applicants for admission. Applicants can upload any of the following; Passport, Ghana Card, Voter ID, Student Identification Card.

Applicants are always entreated to upload their School or National Identification Card to support applications.

Where to buy KNUST Forms 2021

To begin the online application process for admission at the Prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, you need to buy an admission Voucher from Post Office or GCB Nationwide. Find how much the KNUST Admission forms cost here.

Check out our article here on how to buy the KNUST E-voucher using your Mobile Money and locations to get the KNUST admission forms. After obtaining the unique PIN and serial number or ID, the next thing to do is to begin your admission process by following the guidelines in the subsequent paragraphs.

How To Fill Your KNUST Application Forms For Awaiting, Undergraduate Admission

  1. Visit the KNUST admission portal website here.
  2. Log in with the serial number and PIN as indicated on the E-Voucher.
  3. Your admission dashboard will be displayed for you to begin the online application process.
  4. Before beginning the application process, take note of the timeout counter in the upper right corner. You’ll be automatically logged out if the counter reaches zero.
  5. Click “Application Instructions” to see this guide again
  6. Click “Start Application” to begin the application process
  7. Begin by selecting the appropriate responses as shown in the figure above. Fields marked with ‘*’ are mandatory. This applies to all fields in the entire application process.
  8. Click “Proceed” to move on to the next section
  9. Fill in your personal information. Begin by uploading an appropriate passport picture. Click “Choose file” to choose an image file
  10. Your photo will appear in the top left corner once uploaded successfully
  11. Fill in the remainder of the form. Click “Save & Exit” to save your progress and log out or “Save & Proceed” to save your progress and move on to the next section, this applies to Step 10 through Step 20
  12. Fill in your guardian’s information
  13. Fill in your Educational Background information. Click “Add Institution” to add a new institution
  14. Fill in the details of your added institution. Click “Delete” to remove institutions
  15. Fill in your exam results. Choose “Awaiting” for the grade of the subject if the results is awaiting.
  16. Click “Add Subject” Score to add a new subject. Over here, kindly note that you will repeat the steps until you have entered all the subjects you studied in your institution. 
  17. Click “Add result” to add a new examination result
  18. Select your programme choices
  19. Use the “help icons” for extra information on the selected programme
  20. Upload the appropriate documents by clicking “Upload” and selecting a file on your computer
  21. Review your application and ensure all information provided is legitimate. Click “Edit” if you want to make any changes
  22. Review the terms of the agreement and click “I do not Agree” or “I agree”
  23. You can click “Review Application” to review your application
  24. Click “Print Application” to print a copy of your application form

After your application is done, a text message will be sent to your phone informing you that your application has been submitted.

You can watch the video below for more understanding.

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