Top 10 African countries with the slowest internet connections as of 2021.

Which top 10 African countries with the slowest internet connections as of 2021.?

Top 10 African countries with the slowest internet connections as of 2021.

Nothing is more irritating than a slow internet connection, which is why we’ve looked into and compiled a list of the African countries with the worst internet connections.

Because of the government operating in several African countries, Africa is perceived as a continent that is behind in terms of technology. This leads to the poor view of Africa among people from other continents.

Africans are nice people with brilliant minds, but the continent has seen a string of poor leaders throughout the years.

Sticking to the topic, fast internet connections are the driving force behind the economies of top world countries, which is why their economies are growing well. However, there are some African countries that stand out and are performing well in the technological industry.

South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries were able to provide fast internet connections, and some people appear to be unconcerned about internet speed.

Before we rank the top 10 African countries with the slowest internet connections, let’s look at what factors influence internet connection speed.

  • Regardless of the type of cable (copper or fiber-optics) that a country employs, newer technology provides a faster internet connection.
  • When you are close to submarine cables, you receive a stronger connection, and fiber-optic cables transfer over 97 percent of the world’s data, according to the current study.
  • The size of the country counts; if the country is small, updating cables will be less expensive than in large countries.
  • The government of the country also determines how fast the internet connection will be; if it is a government that values investment, then the accessibility of a fast internet connection will undoubtedly be a top priority, since it assists a country’s progress.
  • The speed of an internet connection is also determined by regulatory authorities in each country, such as throttling of internet bandwidth and government regulations.

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Below Are The Top 10 Countries With The Slowest Internet In Africa;

RankCountryAverage mbps
3.Equatorial Guinea1.30
4.South Sudan1.40
9.Sierra Leone2.19

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